Disney – Opening Violetta

2018,一月 6 片头

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Violetta is the brand new Disney Channel TV series, it’s a co-production within Disney Channel Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Pol-ka Producciones (Argentina).

We were contacted by the folks at Disney Latam only 45 days in advance to lead and produce the entire opening credits of the series. We developed all kinds of tasks along the production line: idea & scripting ,storyboarding, shooting direction (through Pol-Ka Producciones),chroma keying, tracking, design, 3d modeling, 2d & 3d animation, editing, compositing and post-production. The series was released the past 14th May and it is a HIT! We are proud of that ! This meant running against time but we succeeded in doing so after large workdays and even sleepless nights.

Based on a strict calendar and hard work, together with the entire team of HippieHouse, we reached a high-end piece with excellent results in its category. Starred with a multinational cast, Violetta tells the story of a talented teenager who will duly discover her artistic vocation attending a music school where she’ll find best friends, lovers and enemies. Her most precious object is her personal diary in which she writes and draws her feelings and all that she experiences in her everyday life.We invite you to enter her diary and travel through the magic world of Violetta!

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Produced for Disney Channel Latam.+ Pol-ka Producciones / Client: Disney Channel Latam.

Original idea & Concept: Disney Channel Latam.
Art & Creative direction: HippieHouse

Directors: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O’Farrell
Animation Director: Ignacio Sandoval
Assistant Director: Chris O’Farrell

3D Cameras & Animation: Andreas Binkert, Ignacio Sandoval
3D Artists: Ignacio Sandoval, Sebastián Raffaele, Andreas Binkert
3D Lighting & Composition: Ignacio Sandoval, Sebastián Raffaele

2D Backgrounds & Cameras: Chris O’Farrell
2D Animators: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O’Farrell
2D Compositors & Editors: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O’Farrell

Storyboards, Illustrator & Stop-Motion Animator: Eber Santonocito
Nuke Keying, Tracking & Flares: Marcos Montané
Render Supervisor: Sebastián Raffaele
Title Credits: Marcos Montané
Logo Animator: Dalmiro Buigues

At Disney Channel Latam

Art Direction: Ariel Marciano
Executive Producer: Diego Carbajal
Producer: Vanesa Binsztok
Audio Track: Original Version from ‘En mi mundo’

All rights reserved © HIppieHouse

维奥莱塔是全新的迪斯尼频道的电视连续剧,这是一个在迪斯尼频道合作生产拉丁美洲、欧洲、中东和非洲和Pol-ka Producciones(阿根廷)。

我们联系到的人在迪斯尼拉丁美洲只有提前45天领导和生产整个系列的学分。沿着生产线我们开发了各种各样的任务:&脚本,故事板,射击方向(通过Pol-Ka Producciones),色度键控,跟踪,设计、三维建模、二维和三维动画、编辑、合成和后期制作。系列过去14日5月发布,这是一个打击!我们是骄傲的!这意味着运行与时间,但我们成功地这样做大后工作日甚至不眠之夜。