Planeta Disney

2018,一月 9 卡通动画 片头

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This project was particularly different cause our friends at Disney wanted to create an original showpack slipping out from the channel’s usual graphics. So, no castles, no magic wands, no tinker bells, but of course we need to say Disney Channel Planet. We created a playful planet where fun and action happened, showcasing different channel shows, words like musical, pop, dance, films, games and more, where the basis of our design. It was mostly designed for teenagers and the goal of this pack was to generate a customizable platform so as to sell original Disney contents for other channels along the globe. This project allows the client to customize the content of all the plasma screens showing different stuff every month. Disney for everyone!

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Produced for Disney Channel Latam. / Client: Disney Channel Latam.

Original idea & Concept: HippieHouse
Art & Creative direction: Ignacio Sandoval

3d Design & Animator: Ezequiel Pini
3d Lighting & Rendering: Ezequiel Pini
3d Modeling: Maria Laura Diaz, Ignacio Sandoval, Ezequiel Pini
Logo Designer: Chris O’Farrell
3d assistants: Martiniano Cornejo, Nicolas Piccirilli

Compositors, VFX & 2d Animation: Ignacio Sandoval, Chris O’Farrell

At Disne Latam.

Art Direction: Ariel Marciano
Sound Design & Footage provided by Disney Channel Latam.

All rights reserved © HIppieHouse



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3 d照明和渲染:Ez